Argentina Elections |  Javier Milei, the ‘crazy’ goalkeeper who beat ‘Cholo’, new president of Argentina

11/20/2023 at 11:23


Javier Milei had a past as a footballer although without much success

The new president of Argentina opted for studies due to the demands of training

Javier Mileyproclaimed yesterday as the new president of Argentina, is passionate about soccer and in his youth, before turning to economics and politics, he made his first steps as player.

The leader, winner in the August primaries and second in the first round, won handily blunt in the second round and will be the tenant of the Pink House.

Javier Mileynow only a spectator, in his youth had a period as a goalkeeper in the lower categories of Chacarita Juniors and San Lorenzo de Almagro. mercy He did well in Chacarita Juniors at the age of 15 and then went to the San Lorenzo de Almagrowhere he had some prominence, but in a minor league.

Osvaldo Diezcoach of the club’s youth teams in those years, remembers mercy: “He was in San Lorenzo, but he did not enter the equipment who played in the Argentine Football Association (federated) but in the minor category and that was of parallel tournaments, the League Metropolitan. Some teammates say he was a good goalkeeper.”

Those who saw him play point out that he was a goalkeeper who liked to jump, do the famous Popcornand that he shouted a lot on the playing field, as much as he does in the rallies.

The now politician appears in a photo in the museum of San Lorenzoin a tournament he won with his class, the class of 1970: “Actually, he didn’t win anything with Saint Lawrence. That photo is from a tournament that two or three teams did, it was not an official AFA tournament. He was self-centered and crazy! His personality was the same as today,” say those who knew him. mercy He was only in San Lorenzo for a year because he didn’t play and he returned to Chacarita.

mercy He trained on some occasions with the Chacarita first team, in the Third Division Argentina at that time but in 1989, the training was very demanding and he had to decide between the studies or football. He opted for the former and enrolled in Economics at the University of Belgrano.

Argentina, now past the hangover that the World Cup title represented Qatar It has an annual inflation that has reached 142.7%. Milei trusts her libertarian recipes to counteract it and improve the economy:”If you give me 20 years, we can be like Germany; if you give me 35, like the United States Joined“.

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