Cassidy wins second London race with chaotic finish


07/30/2023 at 21:06


Envision Racing has won a disputed team championship thanks to Nick Cassidy’s victory in the last race of the electric series

The test that said goodbye to the Formula E season was able to take place after several interruptions, during the lull in weather conditions.

Envision Racing has won the Formula E team title, after the British Jake Dennis sentenced the drivers’ championship on Saturday. The last race of the season, finally held after long interruptions due to rain, was won by the Australian Nick Cassidy, ahead of his compatriot Mitch Evans y Jake Dennis. The fourth position has been for Norman Natofollowed by Stoffel Vandoorne (DS) y con ROberto Mehri, the only Spaniard in the race, twentieth.

The race was held under exciting conditions, since the presence of rain This meant that half the circuit was dry – the indoor part – and the other was wet, the one that ran outside. With four teams with options to win (Envision Racing, Jaguar TCS Racing, TAG Heuer Porsche and Avalanche Andretti), it began with the drivers doing five laps behind the safety car to adapt to the complicated conditions, but the first flag was quickly shown red because conditions were not safe.

40′ later the race resumed behind the safety car, but after another two laps the second red flag was shown because conditions were still dangerous. He was in doubt about being able to complete the race, but the intention of the race director, Scot Elkin, was to try again. The regulations indicate that the race is only canceled if it is not done in a maximum of three hours and one lap, while in order for points to be added in the classification, a minimum of two laps must be completed without running behind the safety car. .

The third attempt to start the race started at 6:30 p.m. local time (7:30 p.m. in mainland Spain) with another two laps behind the safety car. and with a race reduced to 28 laps from the 34 initially scheduled. With Cassidy in first position The conditions meant that there was not much movement and with the truce in the weather conditions, this last test of the year could finally be completed.

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