General Elections 23J: you can now request a vote by mail on the Internet

For many, they are still suffering from an electoral hangover, especially in political parties. The votes announce a change of government for the next elections, ones that Pedro Sánchez has decided to advance to next July 23. It is about two months before all Spaniards go to the polls, but the truth is that if you are not going to be close to your polling station That day you should know that you can now request a vote by mail through the Internet.

For the first time you can request your vote by mail online

Nowadays, most of the procedures that have to do with public administration when presenting documents can already be done electronically. It is a very simple process, especially if you have a digital certificate on hand to speed up the entire procedure. But there are some that are released to give you more possibilities.

We are talking about voting by mail, something that was traditionally done by going to the nearest office. But it happens that for the next General Elections of 2023 you can request your vote by mail from the Internet. Exact, You won’t even have to leave home to receive your corresponding ballots and vote.


Requirements to request a vote by mail through the Internet

Before starting the procedure you must know a series of requirements to request this vote by mail over the Internet. The first of all is that from today you can request it and you will have until July 13 to do so if you anticipate that you will not be in Spain or in your locality to vote that same day.

In second place, This process has its exceptions since residents in Spain who are temporarily abroad nor residents abroad who request it from their country of residence will be able to make their request electronically, having to resort to the traditional method.

Another important point is that the application must go through an acceptance period. That is, the Electoral Census Office will be the body that receives the data and, after checking that everything is correct, will proceed to its approval so that you receive everything necessary to vote by mail.

How to request a vote by mail for the 23J elections online

Once we have this clear, we are going to tell you everything you need to request voting by mail online. The first thing you need is:

Then you will have to enter the website that Correos has enabled to request the vote by mail and click where it says Request. From the new window you can launch a new request or check the status of the one you have under review.


Then, as happened to you with the Income Tax return. You must complete the different fields requested by the application, which will be sent when you sign said documents electronically thanks to AutoFirma. Now you would only have to wait for approval and, andIf yes, receive everything you need to vote before June 23.

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