Gorka Buil, the Zaragoza child star that Barça and Madrid want to sign

11/09/2023 at 11:32


The Zaragoza midfielder, a second-year junior who already plays for Cadet A, is in the spotlight of many First Division clubs.

Barcelona already wanted to sign him last summer and he has a contract for two years at Zaragoza with a termination clause

The Spanish Championship of regional teams that was played at the Pedro Sancho stadium in the Aragonese Football Federation led to Aragón’s U-14 pass to the Gold Phase and confirmed that Gorka Buil is right now one of the most sought-after children in Spanish football. Or whoever else. The player from Zaragoza, a left-footed winger with arrival and last pass, was the protagonist in the classification and many First Division teams took good note of him. At least Getafe, Granada, Valencia, Villarreal, Betis, Sevilla and, of course, Madrid and Barcelona were with their scouts in those games against Extremadura and Madrid and the Barça team already wanted to sign him a year ago, but was met with the refusal of the player’s parents, a natural talent that the Real Zaragoza already secured a long-term contract since he was in Alevín A, two seasons ago, for which he has a monthly allowance and a termination clause.

The footballer, born in 2010 and left Amistad, a quarry of footballers such as Ander, Ignacio Camacho, Goni Lafita, Lasure, Pombo, Delmás, Nieto or the most recent Azón or Pau Sans, in addition to the Real Sociedad player on loan to Mirandés Roberto Lopez, He is active in the Cadet Honor Division when, due to age, he should be in Infantile A. That is to say, he is two categories above his in the Zaragoza quarry. He is a 10 in every sense of the word, a left-footed midfielder who can play on the wing or more centered, with arrival and last pass. and that he is also already very physically fit for his age and has character and leadership spirit. A complete player, come on.

And he showed it with the captain’s armband at Nacional, with two goal assists against Extremadura to lead to the comeback (1-3) in a match where he was the best and against Madrid scoring both goals, from a penalty and a direct corner , in the final 2-1.

The contract and the vision of their parents

For now, Zaragoza’s greatest security with Gorka Buil is in the feelings of his parents, who have a livestock farm next to Bujaraloz and who until now have not wanted to listen to any club, not even Barcelona’s intention to take him to La Masia. although the player continues to be in the Barça team’s sights. The contract signed by Gorka is not an absolute shield, although the amount is a deterrent for a club to pay the amount for a boy who has not yet turned 14 years old. However, it is true that it is a bond that, if necessary, can be torn down in a court battle, so the Zaragoza would be condemned to reach an agreement with the club that wanted to sign the footballer, as long as the parents agreed to it, which at the moment they have no intention of.

“Bahía has been representing the player for months, although there are many agents on the lookout and there is even talk that Jorge Mendes has him on the radar”

Álvaro Sanz, now at Mirandés, went to Barcelona in 2014 with a contract for objectives that could reach up to two million in the best of cases, with packages of 10 games in the first team, with at least 45 minutes, which meant around 250,000 euros, in addition to amounts for playing in the Juvenil and in the reserve team that Zaragoza did receive. There, if necessary, could be the way out, but At the moment the player, whom Bahia has been representing for months, although there are many agents on the lookout and there is even talk that Jorge Mendes has him on the radar, is still in the Zaragoza youth academy.

Last summer, Zaragoza, to prevent the escape of youth players from the Ciudad Deportiva, made the players from the lower categories, those who arrived this year and those who were still there, sign, obviously, with their parents, a contract for which the amount to be paid in case of leaving for another professional club between juveniles and youth, ranges between 50,000 and 80,000 euros per year and is a figure that is cumulative, for the seasons that the footballer is in the quarry, although not It is retroactive, that is, in the years prior to signing. In the case of Gorka Buil it would not be 70,000 euros, because he did not sign that contract and the one he had already had at Zaragoza for two seasons prevailed.

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