HBO MAX premieres in June 2023: list with all series and movies

We are at the doors of the month of June. It only has a few hours left and there are still VOD services that have yet to show their cards for next month. One of those who waited until the last moment was HBO MAXthat among the changes he has made in the United States he has not forgotten his appointment with the rest of the world with all the news for the month of June.

The news from HBO MAX for June 2023

Well yes, HBO It surprised us this afternoon with the arrival of its news for the month of June. As usual, it fills us with content in the three fields of series, films and documentaries, where the former receive a great renewal with a total of six new features, although ahead are the 9 documentaries that it plans to release.

We will start talking about The Idol, one of the contents that arrives at the company on June 5. Here we will meet Jocelyn, a pop star in America who, after a slip-up on her last tour, is determined to regain her notoriety. On this path you will cross a businessman Tedros, known for not having the best of fame for his ownership of nightclubs.

Nor can we forget the second season of And Just Like Thata continuation of Sex and the City where a group of three friends live their lives in the American city from the ages of 30 to 50, where things get complicated in life and friendships can become somewhat more compromised.

Let’s go with the premiere movies in HBO MAX for this month of June 2023. Here we are left with Magic Mike’s last dance. Mike is a boy who returns to the stage after a break in his career in which he has been left broke. However, this will not prevent him from satisfying the demands of a London lady who will propose a great challenge.

June 16


June 1

5th June

3 of June

19th of June

June 9

June 22nd

June 2nd

June 29


  • Magic Mike’s Last Dance
  • Richard Jewll
  • pregnant


June 1

  • Nakedness. Force. Pride
  • Painting With John T3
  • The return of the queen from Versailles
  • Trump: Unprecedented
  • The first five

June, 15

  • How to create a sex scandal
  • The great sarao

19th of June

  • The Sins of Hillsong Church

June 23

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