Pope Francis surprises in his choice between Maradona and Messi

Act. a las 10:12


Passionate about football, he highlights that Diego failed as a man

And praises Messi for his talent

During the course of a conversation with TG1, Pope Francis was questioned about Leo Messi’s eighth Ballon d’Or victory and about the eternal comparison between the current Inter Miami player and Diego Armando Maradona, both Argentines, as the Pope. from Rome.

Pope Francis surprises in his choice: “Between Messi and Maradona there could be a third: Pelé. They are the three that I have followed. Maradona as a player was great, great. As a man he has failed. The poor thing has slipped. The environment did not help him. Messi is very correct, very correct. He is a gentleman. But for me, among the three, the greatest is Pelé. He is a man with a huge heart. I have spoken with him, I met him on a plane, when he was in Buenos Aires. “He is a man of very great humanity.”

Regarding Maradona, he highlighted that “many athletes end badly” and not only in football, but also in “boxing.”

He added that “the three of them are great, each one with their own personality.”

Football passionate

Pope Francis’ passion for football is known. Despite the responsibilities of his position as leader of the Catholic Church, the Pope does not hide his love for sports, and this has led him to collect numerous soccer team shirts and receive visits from teams and prominent figures in the world of soccer. .

He is a member of Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro, an Argentine soccer team, keeping up to date with the payment of membership fees, as its vice president Marcelo Tunelli recently admitted. He registered with the club in 2008. Over the years, he has received jerseys and visits from international teams and footballers, which has enriched his personal collection and allowed the football world to get closer to the religious leader.

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