The Miura 1 postpones its launch without a specific date

The Miura 1 postpones its launch without a specific date

This morning was going to be a most important moment for our country’s space race and an important technological step forward. Everything indicated that the Miura 1 was going to have a perfect launch window for the early hours of today, but unfortunately everything was stopped due to a gust of winds that prevented the device from taking off.

After a long wait, the Miura 1 has finally not taken off

When a space agency has a project in hand it is always awaited with great interest. And it is not every day that a rocket is launched into space, and even less so in our country, so the desire to see how the Miura 1 was propelled into space was an unprecedented event.

With all eyes on the live show this morning, bad news has finally been confirmed: the Miura 1 has not been able to leave. According to the company responsible for the rocket, PLD Space, on its Twitter account, everything has to do with meteorological factors. Apparently, strong winds have been found between kilometers 8 and 12 high, which could affect the safety of the launch.


And the decision has not been made in vain, since the firm has been waiting for that perfect launch window for several months. Apparently, not even this last forecast has been completely valid for the company and for that reason we will have to wait for a date planned by the company for the next ignition.

This is something that can happen to anyone, even the oldest ones. And let us remember that Elon Musk’s cooling system failed during the first launch of the Starship, just before a second attempt that took four minutes to take off before the rocket exploded in the air.

Still no release date

Postponing the launch of the Miura 1 is not bad news. In fact, since the rocket has not been launched, it will be in optimal condition when a definitive date is set for its next takeoff, which has yet to be confirmed. We hope that when the time comes everything will be in the best conditions.

Let us remember that the Miura 1 is a prototype of a much larger project: the Miura 5, which is destined to be one of the prides of the Spanish space race by establishing itself as the first reusable Spanish rocket.

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