The most difficult yet: They create a 110-inch screen in 16K

Sometimes you may wonder how far technology can continue to grow. It is a question to which there is no answer other than how much something can be improved. And sometimes this means giving more to the devices you currently use. The world of screens is one that is constantly changing, and this 110-inch 16K screen is proof of that.

They show a screen that is capable of playing content in 16K

For many users, having a 4K television is crazy. The essential minimum that is required of any screen, even a mobile phone, is 1080p or FullHD, which is what will give you great viewing quality. Inches are almost the least of it, but the more the better because the most current ones are already capable of giving you content two or even four times more detailed.

Yes, we are talking about all those devices that are capable of playing content in 2K and 4K, the latter being more widespread since it would be equivalent to placing four times FullHD in the same space. And we are no longer talking about 8K, which is twice a 4K and of which today there are already phones capable of recording in that quality.


But none of this data fits with the project that the Chinese firm BOE has presented to the world at the SID Display Week in Los Angeles. The manufacturer has put a screen on its stands Huge 110-inch that boasts 16K quality. Yes, as you read it, a total of 16 times 1080p, as if quality were no problem at all.

The firm celebrates no less than 30 years and does so by ‘abusing’ its muscle with a project that would leave aside even the largest projectors in maximum projection. Of course, it has some details that for many could be a lack, such as 60 Hz refresh rate (which is still more than acceptable for optimal image speed) and 400 nits of brightness with which it may be left a little behind if we take into account a project that Sony presented four years ago for a 16K television with 1,000 nits of brightness power.

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