The Women’s League hopes to sign a lasting peace with Rocha’s RFEF

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This Monday, the entity chaired by Beatriz Álvarez made the formal presentation of its headquarters in Madrid

The women’s soccer league confident of reaching a agreement with the RFEF for the competition coordination agreement before new elections are held in the Federation. This has been explained by its main leaders, led by its president, Beatriz Alvarez, during an informative breakfast held at its headquarters on Fortuny Street in Madrid. An event with the press designed, mainly, to present its new facilities.

From the F League, the commercial name of the competition, the cessation of Luis Rubiales as president of the RFEF, as well as that of Andrew Fields as general secretary. Now the dialogue is carried out by the president of the management company, Pedro Rochain the most institutional matters and Elvira Andrés and Alfredo Olivares in operations. In both aspects, the relationships are fluid.

The coordination agreement has been stalled for months and is the document that regulates the distribution of competitions and the invoice that League F must pay to the RFEF for certain services. In the women’s tournament They are pleased with the attitude of the RFEF de Rocha and they expect a definitive agreement to be closed before the electoral process which must be held in the first quarter of the year. They assume that their interlocutor is an interim management, but they believe that they can achieve a validity of more than one season.

Collective agreement and title sponsor

Likewise, the F League aspires to close the negotiations for the collective agreement of the footballers before the month of March. Once the economic issue has been resolved, that is, the minimum wagein the entity chaired by Álvarez they understand that there will not be major problems in finding agreements on the pending aspects, which have a more social aspect, although they recognize that there are still differences on the table.

About the main sponsor, the F League remains without a commercial name after the scare of Finetwork, a conflict that is judicialized. They acknowledge that there are conversations with companies, but they avoid giving more details until there is something similar to an agreement in principle, something that may not happen during the remainder of the season.

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