Twitter launches a new feature to avoid misleading information

If there’s one thing Internet users don’t want while browsing, it’s misleading information. Social networks are full of information, although sometimes it is impossible to know if what they say is real or not. Luckily, the different firms have been very committed to this in recent years and now Twitter is once again striking the table against false images with the new notes on the media.

The new tool to avoid falling victim to deception on Twitter

The little bird’s social network has done something that for many might seem counterproductive: giving moderation of the platform to users. At least part of it, making them part of the mechanism of platform surveillance. This is the case of the so-called Community Notes that we have told you about on occasion,Although we could soon see an improvement that will directly influence the use of this feature.

It turns out that Twitter has included a feature called media notes that will help detect misleading images. This is reserved for only a few users, those with a writing impact of 10 or higher, and according to the company, “contributors should select this option when they believe the added context would be useful regardless of the Tweet to which the note is attached.” .”


It is important to note that this option is visible in all the tweets in which it appears. That is, if you retweet an image marked with this function, a message will also appear indicating that this photo is being investigated, which will influence the credibility of the user who posted it. Additionally, the firm says that this feature is only available on tweets from a single medium, meaning that all those who share more photos are not yet available for this feature.

The way of counting also affects

Another thing that influences a message cataloged with Media Notes is the way of measuring its impact on the social network. This has been something that Elon Musk has put a lot of effort into, and it seems that he is not willing to let AIs take control of the social network.

And the firm says that in this experimental function they have ensured that messages with this brand only have a single display and are not fed by those that come from retweets and responses from other users, thus allowing better containment of the images. false, preventing them from going viral more quickly.

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