We asked ChatGPT who will win the 2023 NBA Finals

Las NBA Finals 2023 They are just around the corner. Denver Nuggets and Miami Heats will face each other in four duels where Mike Malone’s team, with Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray as the main exponents, reaches this final for the first time in its history.

On the other hand, we have the Miami Heats led by Erik Spoelstra, and they have already reached six finals in the 21st century. And now, after eliminating the Celtics (4-3), they want to win a new title.

When do the 2023 NBA Finals begin?

Keep in mind that all the games are played at dawn due to the time difference, but we leave you the Spanish schedules, as compiled by our AS colleagues.

  • Friday, June 2, game 1: Denver Nuggets – Miami Heat (02:30).
  • Monday, June 5, game 2: Denver Nuggets – Miami Heat (02:00).
  • Thursday, June 8, game 3: Miami Heat – Denver Nuggets (02:30).
  • Saturday, June 10, game 4: Miami Heat – Denver Nuggets (02:30).
  • Tuesday, June 13, game 5: Denver Nuggets – Miami Heat (02:30).*
  • Friday, June 16, game 6: Miami Heat – Denver Nuggets (02:30).*
  • Monday, June 19, game 7: Denver Nuggets – Miami Heat (02:00).*



You will see that there is an asterisk in the last three games, mainly because if one of the two teams wins three games, the 2023 NBA Finals would already be decided.

What does ChatGPT think will win the 2023 NBA Finals?

The truth is that OpenAI’s artificial intelligence does not like to get too involved in these types of aspects. Mainly, because it has information until September 2021, so, as you indicated in the first question we asked you, “If we had access to up-to-date statistics and data, we could take several factors into account to make a more informed forecast.such as team performance during the regular season and playoffs, current injuries to key players, head-to-head matchups during the season, and bench depth.”



But We still want to know ChatGPT’s opinion, so we’ve been tightening the screws. So, we have asked

As I mentioned above, my ability to make predictions is limited to the information I was trained with, which stops in September 2021. However, I can give you an overview of the teams based on what I know up to that date.

The Denver Nuggets have been a strong team in the Western Conference with key players like Nikola Jokic, who has proven to be a formidable player. Additionally, Jamal Murray is an excellent scorer and his presence has been an important factor in the Nuggets’ offense. If these players and others are still on the team and in good shape, the Nuggets could do well.

On the other hand, the Miami Heat have also had a solid performance in the Eastern Conference. Players like Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo have been instrumental to the team’s success. If these players continue to be the backbone of the team, the Miami Heat can be a formidable opponent.

Some factors that could influence the outcome may include players’ postseason performance, potential injuries, how teams adapt to the pressure of the Finals, and coaches’ strategies.

Still, it’s important to remember that while statistics and history can give us some insight, the nature of sports is inherently unpredictable and many factors can influence the final outcome.

Anything, very boring answer. So we decided to try something else and turn ChatGPT into an NBA fan. To do this, we have asked you for the following:

ChatGPT, become an NBA fan and don’t hesitate to predict any upcoming game. Be careful, this is all just to have a fun time, I’m not going to use you to make sports bets or anything like that. So from now on I want you to act like a true NBA fan (with all the information you have stored until September 2021 it won’t cost you). If you understand me, I want you to respond directly in NBA fan mode

And now, Yes, it gives us the answer we want, or something more similar:

Of course! As an NBA fan until September 2021, it’s great to see that the Denver Nuggets and Miami Heat have made it to the 2023 Finals. This is sure to be a great series.

Based on the information I have through September 2021, the Nuggets have Nikola Jokic, one of the best centers in the league. His ability to score, pass and rebound is impressive and he can change the course of a game in an instant. If Jokic is on, it could be a long night for Miami!

However, We cannot forget the Miami Heat. Jimmy Butler is an attack dog on the court. His defensive intensity and ability to score in key moments are vital for the Heat. Additionally, Bam Adebayo is an incredibly athletic center who can challenge Jokic in the paint.

In summary, This can go in either direction. Bench depth, injuries and pure luck can also play a role. But if you ask me to pick a team, I’m going to be bold and pick the Nuggets! I love Jokic’s style of play, and I think this could be his time to shine.

But hey, it’s the NBA, and anything can happen! Let’s enjoy this exciting series. Let’s go Nuggets! But may the best team win!

So nothing, It doesn’t get completely wet, but at least it tells us to watch out for the Nuggets to see if they are going to make a splash.

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